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A fun learning experience

The tooth fairy online was developed to provide parents with a resource to make the uneasiness of toothloss fun for a child.


My daughter was so excited when she opened up the letter from the "Tooth Fairy". I wish I had this resource for my first child.

I have told all my friends about this site!

Becky M.
Winnipeg, MB

How it works


Select A Letter

Select a letter online that you want to give your child.

Download the PDF and Print out the Letter

We provide you with the letter to print out signed by the Tooth Fairy.

Slip it under the pillow

Place the letter under the pillow with your gift from the tooth fairy.

Did You Know...

The average gift that the tooth fairy gives is $3.03 in Canada and $3.50 in the United States.

The average left for the first tooth is $4.51.

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