Why Use a Pediatric Dentist

As an adult, many of your oral care habits were ingrained in your early childhood. Starting your children off with good oral health habits and regular checkups will establish a regimen of dental health for life.

Much like the specialized care of pediatricians, pediatric dentists are trained to address the unique challenges of oral care in children-and in supporting parents in caring for their children's health. Pediatric dentists take 2–3 years of specialty training after their four-year dentistry degree. As expected, specialty training in pediatric dentistry includes education about oral health that is specific to infants, children, and adolescents, but it also involves education in early childhood development and behavior that helps them create a special kid-friendly zone in their offices.

When you enter a pediatric dentist's office, you will notice the difference immediately. The equipment caters to small and growing mouths; the environment is welcoming and comfortable; and the staff is specially trained to make children feel at ease when they come to the dentist. This not only normalizes dentist visits, it creates an inviting place that a child will associate with pleasant memories to reduce anxiety-making the visit painless for both parent and child.

Courtesy of the Children's Dentists at Toddlers to Teens Dental.

Did You Know...

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The average left for the first tooth is $4.51.

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